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Lindy Waldeck(1963) was born and raised in the Netherlands, and currently lives in the beautiful region "West-friesland", together with her husband. She sang before she could talk and cannot imagine a life without music. She doesn't master any instruments, although she does play a little piano and knows a lot about music and harmony.

She uses the tag “Jazz & More” as that perfectly describes what her music is about. She likes jazz, but also likes rock, blues, pop, classical music, basically any tune that moves her one way or another.

Jazz & More was also the name of her band (2007 - 2010).

Music has been in her head for all of her life, her own words and melodies just waiting in line to come out. But only a few years ago she discovered ways of getting them out and turn them into real sound someone else can listen to and – hopefully – enjoy. The styles are diverse, but for some reason there always seems to be a jazzy touch or a bluesy note, hence the Jazz & More reference.

End 2009 she joined Sellaband, a website where songwriters and artists can sign up and put up demo's of their music, hoping to interest fans (believers) who can then buy a "part" of an album or EP or video which has not yet been made but can be made after a target has been reached, fan (crowd) funded.

Through Sellaband she raised enough interest and acquired enough fans to record her album "Picture Book".

In february 2013, she recorded her album Picture Book in Studio The Church in Wijdenes (NL), together with musicians Timber Povee (guitars, bass, harmonica), Tijn Wybenga (piano & keyboards), Harm Wijntjes (bass & double bass) and Philip ten Bosch (drums). The album was produced by Lindy and Joram Pinxteren, the latter also being responsible for mixing and mastering the album.

Her Sellaband believers will receive a download version of the album before the release date (30 Sept. 2013), and will also receive a limited edition copy (numbered & signed) of the CD per invested "part" (with a max. of 10 CD's).

She's eternally grateful for the huge support by her fans.


Lindy's songs are about love, deceit, desire, memories, (grand)children, dreams and nigthmares, dancing, running and flying, and everything that just happens to you in life.

Her music covers many styles, a mix of jazz & pop, that she describes as Jazz & More .

Together with musicians Timber Povee, Tijn Wybenga, Harm Wijntjes and Philip ten Bosch she recorded her first album in 2013. Produced by Lindy and Joram Pinxteren (who also mixed & mastered the tracks). 

Lindy's album Picture Book with 11 original songs written by Lindy will be released 30 September 2013, you can pre order the album here.

Her single Summer Girl is available on iTunes:


Is it Pop? Rock? Soul? Or is it Jazz?

It's all of the above. Lindy calls it "Jazz & More".

Don't let the peaceful, almost classical sounding title song picture book(1) lead you to think that this album is just soft ear candy, as there is a touch of prog rock in her maybe also folky haunting dreams(2). And just as you've listened to the dreamy jazzy our names in the sand(3) or smooth & soulful slow 'n sweet(4), she'll take you on a hip hoppy skydive with flying on the wings of love(5), to give you the full jazz treatment in my baby's baby(6) and then just in case(7) she pops along with don't look back(8) to take you on a bossa nova ride with summer girl(9). And she leaves you no time to catch your breath or slow down(10) to look into those rocking lying eyes(11).

Let Lindy’s diversity surprise you.

Snippets of all songs for the album "Picture Book":

Full versions available on request


Summer Girl - single version

For more video's, please visit my YouTube channel

What others say:

“As I listened to Lindy Waldeck’s newest song, “Picture Book”, I wondered if it was born from her recent life experiences. I say that, because the lyrics were so beautifully written and what’s even more important is, millions of people will be able to identify with “Picture Book” during these incredibly difficult times around the planet. With so many horrible events, catastrophies, and the world economy in turmoil…”Picture Book” is the perfect remedy to forget about these difficult times.” — Wolfman, Picture Book

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Her single Summer Girl is available on iTunes:

The album Picture Book will be availabe from iTunes on September 30, 2013.

To order the album on CD, please go to the album page.

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