Picture Book

It was very clear to me that this had to be the title song for the album. A song about all the little things in life that can bring so much beauty, memories that stay with you, to remember in times when you need it most.

Mountain views and seaside sunsets
smell of grass just after april rain
snowflakes melting on my lips
a gentle stroke of your fingertips

A Baby's smile, a moonlit starry night
yellow roses you sent to me
a bird that softly sings
it's all just in those little things

(chorus 1)
And then I close my eyes and hold the moment locked in time
nothing can distract me of the pictures in my mind
All those happy memories I keep for later use
For times when I feel sad and lost and need a different view

Butterflies and double rainbows
turquoise sea at beaches as white as snow
a sunny afternoon
knowing that you will be home soon

(chorus 2)
The picture book just grows each day
it goes with me 'till I'm old and grey
It travels light, it doesn't need a case
it's always there, a solid base
to pull me through the darkest night
and fill my heart with light

A glimpse of spring, a winternight as cold as ice
A summer breeze, the changing tide
A whispered "I love you"
The moment that you said: I do

Strawberries with cream, cold chardonnay
A swimming pool on the hottest day
A cat that purrs, or sleeps
A sunbeam through the autumn leaves

repeat chorus 1, repeat chorus 2.

Words & Music - Lindy Waldeck
All rights reserved