Lying Eyes

A song about a girl being swept of her feet by a guy, who isn't what he appears to be. Girls, beware of loverboys...

She was just a small town girl
with worldy believes
who expected more from life
than her parents received

She met this handsome guy
who lived her fantasy life
It didn't take him long before
he called her his wife

He took her to his home in the city
life was very pretty
She felt happy 'bout her
dreams coming true
but if she only knew
He was a master of disguise
She didn't notice

His Lying Eyes

One day he took her
to this house of ill repute
where he made her work
in her birthday suit

She tried to make a run
but he beat her around
warned her not to scream
not to make any sound

He locked her in their house in the city
Life wasn't so pretty
She longed back to her small town life
And that she wasn't his wife
Wished that she could re-roll the dice
And would have noticed

His Lying Eyes

Lying Eyes, his Lying Eyes
Lying Eyes, his Lying Eyes

Most bedtime stories
Have a happy End
and so does this one,
to a certain extent

One day she managed
to grab a kitchen knife
She stabbed him through the heart
Put an end to his life

Then she got out of the city
Back home where it was pretty
And when arrested for her crime
She didn't mind doing time
She felt happy to her own surprise
She no longer sees

Those Lying Eyes

Words & Music - Lindy Waldeck
(co write for music credit to Philip ten Bosch)
All rights reserved